The News Media is lying to cover for the Hedge Funds

It’s Your Money and the Facts

The Stock Market rebellion has been a recent dynamic that has gone after hedge fund managers who use a technique called the “short-sell.” The short-sell strategy makes money by reducing the price of stocks that they never actually owned. They “borrow” stocks from other people, sell them at a relatively higher price, then buy them back after they’ve tanked, give the stock back to the original owner with a fee, and keep the rest of the profit. They’re basically hyenas. Ben Shapiro made a great video explaining what is happening.

You expect the hedge fund managers who are losing money to all they can to stop this. Citadel LLC, who are major hedge fund managers work directly with the Robinhood app, and they’re making sure that you can’t use the app to join in the rebellion: they’re stopping or severely limiting the ability to purchase their short-sell stock. But the true tragedy is that the Mainstream Media, the people are are supposed to be informing you about what’s going on, is lying to cover for them. Consider the links from major news sources:

These are all lies, as will be seen. Conservatives are used to being lied about by the Mainstream Media. It’s been par for the course for seventy-five years. It’s sickening, but it’s true. But more recently, the MSM has taken a turn where they’ve become the propaganda mouthpiece not just for the Democrat Party, but now also for the ultra-rich. Their coverage of the stock market rebellion has been one-sided and beneficial to no one but the Hedge Funds managers who are trying to profit off the collapse of companies of GameStop, Best Buy, and AMC.

By raising the price on the failing companies, the rebels are putting the hedge funds in a position where they have to buy back stocks at much higher process, return them and pay back the fee at a significant loss. The hedge fund managers were betting on failure and are losing on gain. That’s pathetic, and their tactics do little to nothing to help the economy.

The Mainstream Media’s tactic is to cover for them by claiming the reddit buyers have moved away from these stocks to something else, namely Silver. There’s nothing wrong with silver, but beyond the fact that this makes no sense on face value, this pernicious lie not only ends the rebellion, but helps out the hedge funds in other ways.

First, any shares of GameStop, Best Buy, AMC, etc., that are sold off takes pressure off of the hedge funds directly. The prices will drop a little each time, and the more they drop, the better it is for their profitability in the short-sell strategy.

Second, the encouragement of silver purchase raises the value of silver, and that is a major benefit to the silver-holding funds of those hedge funds. Almost all hedge funds have commodities as part of their portfolio, and silver is often a major part of that.

The final and nastiest part of the lie is when you go to the Reddit Subreddit Board, /u/WallStreetBets, where the Stock Market Rebellion originated, is filled with posts denying that Silver is a lie. Silver is not part of the rebellion. If you take the MSM at their word, you’ll believe their blatant lies that are actively protecting the hedge funds like Citadel, who works directly with the Robinhood investing app, and who owns a lot of Silver.

Not only all this, but as of Monday Morning, Robinhood is limiting the number of stock of GameStop, AMC, and Best Buy you can buy. They’ll do all they can to keep you and the rest of us rabble from making it worse.

All you have to do is go to /u/WallStreetBets and see that they are telling their people to hold their stocks in order to keep the value of the stock high. The Diamond images you see are their symbolic means of saying “Hold and hold hard as diamonds.”

These are the top posts, and they’re saying “Don’t Buy Silver! It’s a Media Lie! Hold on to GameStop!”

It’s important to make sure you know that the Mainstream Media lies are not just for political reasons, but to cover for their billionaire buddies’ wealth, at the expense of everyone else. Listen to what Tim Pool has to say how these people are certifiably connected and won’t tell you the truth.

If they had just reported the news honestly, these kinds of articles would not be written. But the Mainstream Media doesn’t care about you. They are part of the larger elite cabal to keep those in wealth and power. They like and want the swamp and will do all they can to keep that power.

I am not telling you to buy stocks, commodities, or anything else. I own one share of AMC. Just one. I have a few bucks in the game, just because its fun. If it tanks, there goes fifteen bucks, if it doubles, then I’ve made fifteen bucks. Great. Just don’t believe that the Mainstream Media is telling you. They will tell you what will benefit them and no one else.

Do your homework, see if what’s being said is true, and live your life based on facts. If the media will lie to you about what’s going on in the stock market, what else are they willing to lie to you about?

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